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We are a Presence based church. Worship at New Song is no in-and-out affair but lasts as long as it takes to break into the real presence of God. It's not a formula, it's not a program and it's not a performance,  but rather a Spirit-led congregational sacrifice. We are contemporary in style in order that we might speak a language the current culture understands.


We want to allow for God to do things "out of the box". Leadership must sometimes simply flow with the direction His Spirit has taken. At times this can be messy, but it's always glorious. People weep, laugh, kneel and sometimes fall or shake under the touch of the Lord's hand. There is no hype. We seek only the genuine. This culture hungers for genuine encounters with the power and love of God. Words alone will not do.


We value all the gifts of the Spirit. These are God's enabling power tools for delivering the Father's love and making it effective. Our focus, however, is not on spiritual gifts or supernatrual experiences, but on intimacy with Jesus from whom those gifts flow. They're His, not ours, given for the benefit of others.


Honor by definition assigns worth, value and significance to people. We seek to treat everyone who comes to us with honor, respect and dignity, no matter their condition, past or present sins and failures, station in life or appearance. Relational love stands at the heart of the kingdom of God.



We seek to create an atmosphere of such love and acceptance fed by the Presence of God that lives are restored and changed just by being part of it. We also work diligently at a variety of ministries for healing hearts, emotions and lives, physical bodies and our spirits as well.


We want to see the Spirit of God released in power on this earth and in our midst. We long to see hearts awakened to His touch and the culture of the world around us impacted by the Spirit of God poured out through us. We want to see people brought to Jesus and saved by move of His Spirit.


After the Lord, we seek to put the needs of people before all else. The church serves its people rather than the people serving an institution.



Good shepherding gives the sheep that which is their own. We want to call forth the visions in the hearts of our people and then enable them to do them. We want to enable entrepreneurial Christians to create and pursue the ministries of their dreams.


We pastor rather than govern. We reject domination and control in any form. We pastor problems, we don't control behavior. For freedom Christ has set us free.



We value the young and the old together, believing that church can never reach its full glory unless the generations stand united. Malachi 4:5-6, the hearts of the fathers restored to the children and the children to the fathers.

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